Full Arch Restoration

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Any full arch prosthesis are possible with ROYDENT from the simple full zirconia prosthesis to the milled bar with individual copings making your patients smile big with proud.


The full-arch implant restoration is a fixed-implant replacement solution. It has been in practice for decades. With the advent of digital dentistry, however, full arch treatment can be predictably completed without a trial prosthesis or chair time.

Advantages of Full-Arch Restoration:

  • The fixed-implant restoration has many advantages in comparison with removable dentures. It replaces all-natural teeth and maintains the natural dentition
  • It restores the occlusal function, esthetics, and masticatory function.
  • The major advantage is that it provides full function and stability.
  • It is fixed in the bone, eliminating the instability that the removable denture creates.
  • With a fixed-implant restoration, patients are able to eat the foods they enjoy, speak with confidence, and smile with assurance.
  • It also restores the masticatory function, minimizing pain and muscle strain during eating.