Digital is the way of the future

Digital is the way of the future for dental restorations

One of the most popular restoration techniques in dentistry is the restoration of a crown and bridge. Because of this, a practice's success can depend on its ability to maintain consistency, efficiency, and precision throughout the crown and bridge restoration procedure. Digital dentistry gives patients a big advantage by producing excellent results more quickly and easily. We discuss three benefits of adopting digital for crown and bridge restorations.

Firstly, improved quality. A faster, user-friendly approach is provided by digital scanning, which results in fewer translations from impression to design and, thus, the fewer potential for error. When sending models to a lab and taking analogue impressions, there are many translational (and error) points, whereas there is considerably less potential for error with a totally digital imprint process.

The Analog Process: There is a tendency for a mistake at every stage.

  • Create an impression (change teeth to a negative)
  • Make stone models (change negative to a positive)
  • Sending models to the lab at risk of loss, damage, or breakage
  • The lab scans the model and creates a crown.
  • The model is finished and steam cleaning takes place (Again Model can be damaged in the process)
  • Crown sent to the doctor by the lab and could be misplaced, harmed, or broken in the process.

The Digital Process: Less steps with higher precision

  • Scan the Patient (change physical to digital)
  • The Crown is designed by the lab, and a new model is printed for fit ( Change digital to physical)
  • The Crown is sent from the lab to the doctor, where it may be broken, damaged, or misplaced.

Two big and unignorable reasons why dental offices must switch to digital scan Higher precision guaranteed by getting rid of possible human errors as much as possible, which is less than ⅓ of PVS impression cases comparing to the scanned cases in redo/remake ratio Not required to keep models in the office in case of remake, since all the cases are saved in the server of Roydent

What Comes Next for Digital Restorations? Thanks to digital, restorations have advanced significantly, and there are yet intriguing new developments. In order to provide a well-informed view of the changes we may anticipate in digital restoration technology in the upcoming years, our specialists highlighted a few of the most significant developments that are on the horizon.

Next is as follows:

Specific Shade Matching

With a wide range of transparency and opacity, digital shade matching technology is primed for further advancement, enabling precise color matching throughout the entire tooth and a completely customized shade.

The Road To Perfect Scans With AI

Scan quality will keep improving as AI and machine learning technologies develop, broadening their applications and enhancing their capacity to help enhance patient care.

More Effective Components And 3D Printing

As new materials hit the market, models will be more robust and the results will be strikingly natural and long-lasting. While 3D printing is still a long way off, technology will undoubtedly have a big impact on dentistry when it occurs, giving both practitioners and patients a whole new range of options.

One crown at a time, digital is blazing a trail into the future of dentistry. Get started today with Roydent Labs today for all your restoration needs.