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As we are all aware, dental implants are a more common and long-lasting treatment option. We encounter subpar crown and abutment designs all too frequently, which compromises outcomes and creates dissatisfied patients. To boost the overall beauty and endurance of the abutment when used in conjunction with one of our monolithic restorations, Roydent Lab’s Custom Abutments are recommended as the implant process's starting point.

In order to achieve longevity and success with the aesthetically pleasing and practical results you desire, the kind and shape of the abutment and crown are essential. With the unique abutment, we can construct the axial walls with anything between 1 and 6 degrees of taper, allowing us to build a stunning restoration on top that fits perfectly. In situations where the placement is imperfect due to bone density or other determining variables, this enables greater control and a cleaner execution.

All you need to do is take an analogue or digital impression of the implant's location and the contour of the gum tissue around it, and we'll take care of the rest!

A growing number of people are choosing dental implant therapy to replace missing teeth. As a result, more physicians are devoting time and money to learning the most cutting-edge methods and purchasing cutting-edge equipment. A clinician's confidence in offering dental implant treatment to patients is increased by their experience with one or two implant systems, which are preferred by the majority of doctors. The elements employed in therapy are always changing as novel methods are created. The interface between the implant and the prosthetic repair is provided by the implant abutment, which is crucial. Implant abutments must provide durability, high stability, great biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance. In the past, physicians frequently used stock abutments, but increasingly, they are switching to custom-milled abutments. The advantages of personalised abutments are most evident particularly in the process of restoring the teeth at the back.

What Benefits Do Custom Milled Abutments Offer? Custom-milled abutments offer a number of benefits:

  • No abutment inventory required and no upfront payment for the unused inventory
  • The final restorations are created to precisely match the gingival architecture of the patient, resulting in an ideal emergence profile and a more aesthetically appealing result.
  • Correcting the angulation of the implants is simpler.
  • The efficiency of a dental practice can be increased since fewer chair-side modifications are needed and visits can go more smoothly and quickly.

Titanium can be used to mill custom abutments and all abutments are gold hue anodized for no extra fee charged here at Roydent.

Making Custom Milled Titanium Abutments: Design and Production

Abutments made to order can be produced in a variety of methods.The most popular method makes use of CAD/CAM manufacturing technologies. Prior to this, a wax-up in the appropriate abutment form could be developed by the technician using a plastic sleeve to manufacture personalized abutments.

Today's computer-aided virtual design technology has eliminated the need for the wax-up. Instead, the implant-level impression that includes the soft tissue contours surrounding the implant is used to create the master cast. Using design tools, the master cast and opposing cast are scanned and virtually articulated. The technician can make an abutment uniquely for each patient using virtual design. The technician and clinician can see all the anatomical details of the finished restoration by using design.

For doctors looking to give patients the best possible care, custom abutments offer an effective answer. They let doctors to carefully control the soft tissues, resulting in a more appealing emergence profile. The patient can maintain dental hygiene more easily when the gingival tissues are properly shaped. Patients usually view dental implants as a high-end service, and as a result, they have high expectations for the implant restorations they receive.Implant-supported restorations are made to be both aesthetically beautiful and very functional using custom-milled abutments. Clinicians who switch from using stock to personalized abutments will almost surely notice an improvement in the outcomes of implant treatment.

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